at Fiji Beach


at Fiji Beach

Private Residence Resort at L'Esterre Carriacou

Know that after all, life is simple. Do not complicate it.

Carriacou is just 20 miles north of Grenada, but a million miles away from what so many other Caribbean islands are becoming.

What you’ll appreciate most about Carriacou is everything it isn’t — such as being packed with tourists and filled with billboards touting the many hotel, resort and real estate developments. Instead, you’ll discover an island that remains in many ways as it was centuries ago.

Yes, Carriacou has the modern services you want and expect, but the island is as remarkably pristine, natural and ripe for exploration as it was when pirates sailed among Carriacou’s reefs and out islands.

Carriacou, at just 13 square miles and with a population of approximately 6,000 people. It is the largest and most southern island in the Grenadines - the small island chain between St Vincent and Grenada where some of the most exclusive island destinations in the world, including Mustique, the playground for the rich and famous, are hidden away.

Carriacou Facts

  • Located in the Eastern Carribbean
  • 20 Miles North of Grenada
  • Total area of 13 square miles
  • Population of 6,000
Carriacou, is about as far from overrun, overbuilt and overpriced as you’re going to find in the Caribbean.

You only live once,

This is how to live it.

The aptly named ‘Paradise Beach’
Tobago Keys

Pirate ships haven’t sailed these waters in over two centuries. But you’ll see why ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was filmed nearby.

When the producers of the immensely popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” were scouting for the most exotic, unique tropical island location, none could offer the stunning beauty and unchanged natural features found in this unique part of the Caribbean called The Grenadines.

All of this is yours to explore as every beach on every nearly deserted island is a new adventure of discovery — from exploring the nearby, spectacular and totally uninhabited Tobago Keys, to spotting the rare birds and fish on White Island or diving in the Sandy Island Marine Protected Area.

Carriacou itself offers the aptly named Paradise Beach, as spectacular as it is sparsely populated. Not every sail or stroll on the beach will be on your own, as the Carriacou Regatta draws yachting aficionados from all parts of the world. At day’s end, you disembark from your boat at Sanctuary at Fiji Beach’s private jetty, and look forward to another day of adventure in the undiscovered and pristine beauty of Carriacou.

Life is a matter of balance

Find yours

The serene, untouched landscape makes Carriacou the perfect place to find a balance of mind and body. Practice yoga, meditation and relaxation while enjoying the warm breeze from Sanctuary’s private yoga pavilion.

Welcome to Sanctuary at Fiji Beach

You’ve never lived life as a follower, and you’re not about to start now. This is why, of all the places in the Caribbean you could live, only one is perfectly suited to your sense of discovery, individualism, and passion for making each day your newest adventure.

That place is Sanctuary at Fiji Beach, a Private Residence Resort in L’Esterre Carriacou, one of the Grenadine’s most picturesque, undiscovered, and least developed islands. In short, because the only thing you follow is your own passions, Sanctuary at Fiji Beach was created just for you.

A gated community, designed for those open to making every day a new adventure.

Every adventure needs a home base, and none could be more idyllic than your private luxury residence at Sanctuary at Fiji Beach.

Covering 2.8 pristine acres, the fully gated residential resort consists of magnificent two-bedroom villas and condominiums, and beautiful one-bedroom bungalows, all with spectacular amenities that make living here as comfortable and enjoyable as one could find at a fivestar hotel, such as a Yoga Pavilion and Central Meeting Facility fully equipped for dining and entertaining.

But you’ve come for adventure, and not only relaxing in a luxurious setting — so stroll or drive down the private road to the beautiful 245 foot private beach, and the fully maintained private jetty, all here to make sure life won’t just sail by.

No matter which residence is right for your needs, it will offer you the quality craftsmanship, style and high end amenities that make it your own ‘sanctuary’.

Your choice of three distinct, fabulous residences.

Alamanda Villas

Two bedroom villa with 2,244 square feet of pure pleasure.

Hibiscus Condominiums

Two bedroom condominium with 2,428 square feet of elegant escape.

Anthurium Bungalows

One bedroom bunglaows with 1,250 square feet of delicate retreat.

Alamanda Villas

  • 2,244 Square Feet Living Area
  • Two bedrooms
  • Private plunge pool
  • Custom crafted kitchen
  • Fully furnished
  • All wood from sustainable sources
  • Maximum use of local materials minimizing carbon footprint
  • External walls; 8” thick reinforced concrete block walls
  • Dwelling Structures designed to Miami-Dade Country Cat 4 Hurricane Specification

Hibiscus Condos

  • 2,428 Square Feet Living Area
  • Two bedrooms
  • Private plunge pool
  • Custom crafted kitchen
  • Fully furnished
  • All wood from sustainable sources
  • Maximum use of local materials minimizing carbon footprint
  • External walls; 8” thick reinforced concrete block walls
  • Dwelling Structures designed to Miami-Dade Country Cat 4 Hurricane Specification
Hibiscus Condo - Top Floor
Hibiscus Condo - Second Floor
Hibiscus Condo - Bottom Floor

Anthurium Bungalows

  • 1,200 Square Feet Living Area
  • One bedroom
  • Private plunge pool
  • Custom crafted kitchen
  • Fully furnished
  • All wood from sustainable sources
  • Maximum use of local materials minimizing carbon footprint
  • External walls; 8” thick reinforced concrete block walls
  • Dwelling Structures designed to Miami-Dade Country Cat 4 Hurricane Specification
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Spectacular amenities are just the beginning of why your residence at Sanctuary at Fiji Beach was built entirely with you and your concerns in mind. Because you care about the environment and sustainability, every square foot of wood in your residence is sourced from sustainable forests. And to further minimize your residence’s carbon footprint, local materials will be used wherever possible.

You’ll be further pleased to know that all construction at Sanctuary at Fiji Beach meets the World Green Building Council Guidelines.

All of which is what you’d expect in a place whose residents and builders deeply respect the natural beauty they want to enjoy for years to come.

Grenada Crest

Sanctuary At Fiji Beach

An Approved Development Under Grenada’s Citizenship By Investment Program

Investment Structure

As an approved development under Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program, there are two investment options for Sanctuary at Fiji Beach. The Grenada CBI applicant can choose to purchase a financial instrument with a fixed rate of return and five year term or a freehold interest (partial or entire) villa, bungalow or townhouse in the development. Each freehold owner will be entitled to participate in the rental pool operating profit. For more details on the available investment options, interested parties should send an email to the Finance Manager at

Application for Investment / Citizenship

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) has been re-established by the Citizenship-by-Investment Act, No. 15 of 2013 passed by the Grenadian parliament. In order to preserve integrity and value of Grenadian citizenship a strict protocol has been established in which application is by invitation only. All applicants, including family members and business partners, must be individually vetted and approved by the Government of Grenada.

Interested parties in the Grenada CBI program are required to work through a CBI licensed Marketing Agent. The role of the Marketing Agent is to provide information on the Program, the Investment, and to act as the liaison between the Investor and the Local Agent and Escrow Agent. The Local Agent also acts as Escrow Agent under the Program and will provide you with the terms of their engagement regarding the services to be rendered to you. The Marketing Agent may also provide assistance in ensuring accurate completion of the required forms and supporting documents which are to be submitted to the CBI Committee by a Local Agent. In addition, the Marketing Agent will also provide information pertaining to CBI approved real estate developments.

Your Local Agent will provide you with a more detailed list of the required forms and documents for the application which are summarized in short form as follows:

  • Ten (10) current passport size photographs in color per applicant;
  • Color copy of ALL passports possessed (first 3 and last 3 pages of each);
  • Color copy of ALL current national identity cards;
  • Certified copy of marriage and divorce certificates (if applicable);
  • Original Professional and Bank Reference
  • Registration form for use of Electronic Signatures
  • Application Form
  • Application for Citizenship; (to include if applicable, Affidavit of Support for each dependent over the age of 18 except the spouse, and or Affidavit in Support of Dependent-Parent)
  • Privacy and Information Release Form
  • Education and Employee History
  • Original Police Certificate and Criminal Records Verification
  • Original or certified Birth or Adoption Records; (including documents to support any change of name)
  • Medical Health Cerification (to include HIV test result); and
  • Statement of Source of Funds form; (to include financial statements evidencing statement of worth and source of funds);

The application forms must be completed in English and accompanied by the documents listed immediately above and presented in original form, or, in the case where it is a certified copy as attested by a Notary Public, it must be authenticated by apostille or its jurisdictional equivalent.

Acceptance of Forms

The completed forms will be submitted only if they are properly completed, dated, signed, and accompanied by all the necessary documents and fees.

Application Examination

Once the application and all supporting documents are deemed complete by the local agent, and you have satisfied all obligations set by the local agent and escrow agent, the completed application is submitted to the CBI Committee which will conduct its own independent due diligence process.

Escrow Account Funding

Prior to submission of the application and supporting documentation, the full investment, processing, due diligence, application, local agent and escrow agent fees must be funded into an escrow account at either Scotia Bank (Bank of Nova Scotia), RBTT (Royal Bank of Canada) or Republic Bank Grenada. The escrow account is not controlled or managed by the developer, marketing agent, nor Government of Grenada and is administered by a CBI licensed Local Agent and escrow agent.

Escrow Process

Upon receipt of funds (fees and investment capital) and on acceptance of all documentation required for the application submission, the escrow agent will be authorized to release funds for the payment of all processing, due diligence, and application fees due to the Committee at the time of submission. Applicants will receive a complete fee schedule during the application process and prior to funding the escrow account.

Refund of Escrowed Funds

In the event that the application for citizenship is rejected, the investment capital held in escrow by the escrow agent is refunded to the investor. Processing, due diligence, application, local agent and escrow agent fees are nonrefundable.

Due Diligence Checks

The Committee may engage the services of an independent individual(s) or a professional organization to conduct due diligence on the applicant and other dependents.


Within sixty (60) days from the submission of a complete application for Permanent Residence or Citizenship by Investment, the Committee shall notify in writing to the Local Agent on behalf of the main applicant of the decision made regarding the application.

Application Approval

Following written notification of the approval of an application, a Certificate will be issued confirming Grenadian citizenship along with the passport.

Please note that the above requirements may be changed by the Government of Grenada which is the sole Regulator of the Citizenship By Investment Program

Grenada Flag

The Benefits

of Grenadian Citizenship

The Citizenship by Investment program (“CBI”) in Grenada was conceived for discerning global citizens who demand propt and personal service. The benefit to Grenada of the CBI program is through increased inward investment, employment in the services and construction areas, human resource training, expansion of the hospitality sectors and technology transfer. The benefits to the applicant / new investor are:

Freedom of Travel

Holders of Grenada passports can currently travel to over 75 countries without the need for a visa. In May of 2014, the European Parliament and Council formally approved the inclusion of Grenada into the Schengen Zone thus exmpting its citizens from visa requirement when travelling to Schengen member states in Europe. In addition, the E2 treaty with the United States “Investor Visa” for Grenada citizensh allows an approved applicant to operate a substantial business and reside full time in the United States and be taxed only on USA sourced income.

Stable Government

Grenada is an independent state within the commonwealth of nations with its legal system based on English Common Law. It is a member of the United Nations and its constitution allows for support freedom of speech and press.

Tax Haven

Grenada has no income, capital gains nor inheritance tax.

Highly Regulated, Mature and Stable Financial Sector

Grenada has sevent banks including Scotia Bank and Royal Bank of Canada. It offers a safe place to deposit funds with attractive interest rates. There are neither exhange controls nor restriction on the inward or outward transfer of US dollars. All investments are made and profits / capital gains are realized in US dollars.

World Class University

Grenada is also home to St. George’s University, an American medical, veterinary and arts & science educational institution. Grenadian Citizens are entitled to 75% discount on tuition fees.

Citizenship Mobility

Grenada has no restrictions on its citizens having dual citizenship.

Tax Advantages in Real Estate

Non citizens of Grenada wishing to purchase property are required to obtain an Alien Landholding License and pay government taxes on the acquisition and disposition of more than 25% of the purchase and sale price. Grenadian citizens are exempt from such taxes and on disposition of real estate only pay a 5% conveyance tax property.

Grenadian passport holders can travel to the following countries without a visa.

Antigua & Barbuda
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Falkland Islands
Netherlands Antilles
Saint Kitts & Nevis
Saint Lucia
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks & Caicos Islands
Cape Verde
Central African Republic
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
Hong Kong
Sri Lanka
South Korea
Isle of Man
United Kingdom
Cook Islands
Federated States of Micronesia
Pitcairn Islands
Solomon Islands
Czech Republic

The Developer

C&C Grenadines LTD

C&C Grenadines Ltd. is a development and project finance company with significant international and local experience. In Grenada they have completed two developments including Valley View Heights (residential development in Morne Jaloux – 72 lots) and Island View Point (Upper Woburn). Internationally, their many diverse projects include acquisition and refurbishment of a thirty eight unit apartment building in Prague, Czech Republic (Purchased in a pool of privatized state owned assets and refurbished to 1a standards) and a residential subdivision consisting of 482 lots surrounding an 18 hole signature golf course in Tennessee.


PO Box 3222 Burns Point
St. Georges Grenada

Telephone: 473.406.4606